Terms of Service 9/1/12
KeoPost is a service that helps connect people looking for help with those who are providing help. KeoPost is not a legally binding contract, we do not facilitate the transfer of funds - we do not litigate on the behalf of users and are not able to retrieve funds that were promised or bids that were accepted but never turned into jobs. KeoPost is a lot like the phone book in this manner, we do not provide any warranty for the businesses listed and encourage all users to exercise diligence in selecting a company, especially for those that have no physical address and or no feedback. We are here to empower people to make the right choices and we want to work to provide you the necessary tools but KeoPost assumes no legal responsibility for the transactions that take place and by using the service you agree to hold KeoPost free of any liability that may result from such transactions. 
If you have a dispute with one or more users, you release KeoPost, all its employees, investors and subsidiaries from claims, demands and damages. If you live in California you agree to waive California Civil Code §1542. 
1) Denial of Access
KeoPost reserves the right to deny access to anyone at anytime. KeoPost’s terms of service lays out specific guidelines but are not limited to the following:
-Excessive requests for bids that are never followed through.
-Hacking or fraudulent activities
-Violent/hateful or otherwise disruptive engagement with individuals.
-Legal threats
-Low feedback score or service issues
-Any other reason we deem disruptive to the service
-Multiple accounts
-Abusing the spirit of the service or submitting multiple false reports
-Providing multiple work bids that are accepted but never following through on the work
2) Services / Contracted & Taxes
KeoPost prohibits the posting of services that are illegal in the users country. Doing so can lead to a suspension or permanent ban from the service. It is up to our users to check to see if a contractor is licensed for the work they perform. You agree that it is your responsibility as a service provider to collect applicable taxes as required by your state/nations tax department. 
3) Age
KeoPost is for people who are legal age to work, which can vary from state to state and nation to nation. Under no circumstance should anyone under 13 use the service and anyone under the age of 18 should only do so with their parents express permission and guidance and in accordance with federal and state law. 
The service is provided as is and without any warranty, you release KeoPost from any loses that could result in erroneous bids being received or given. By finding help on KeoPost, you release KeoPost from any claims or damages as a result of work received that was found on KeoPost. The short version is this, if you hire someone and it’s not what you hoped for - you need to take your issue up with that business. We do encourage our users to inform us of bad experiences and to provide relevant feedback but KeoPost provides no warranty of taking any particular action and KeoPost cannot get a refund from another user. 
You agree to hold KeoPost, its employees, 3rd party contractors, officers, investors and subsidiaries harmless from any claims whatsoever of any kind from any action taken by KeoPost. You agree that any issue you have with another user will not involve KeoPost and that by using the service you acknowledge that the site is there to connect you with potential service providers/or clients and is not a contract in any way shape or form but an advanced search engine. If you should file any legal action, you agree that such action shall be decided by the courts in Santa Barbara County, California. For claims less than $1,000 you have the option for binding online meditation to be determined by KeoPost.
If any part of this Terms of Service is struck down for any reason, you agree that the other parts of this document shall remain in force. By using KeoPost you agree that no implied or express warranties is extended by our service. You agree to not upload any copyrighted material and that doing so could result in your account being suspended or permanently banned. 
Force Majeure - 
You agree that we are not liable for any disruptions to our service or malfunctions from any reason whatsoever. This also includes events which are outside of our control including but not limited to, floods, earthquakes, alien invasions, solar flares, hackers, riots, embargoes, requests by governments, acts of god, tired programmers or anything else.
These Terms of Service will be updated from time to time and we encourage you to check back. 
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