About KeoPost

KeoPost is about changing the way consumers and businesses connect. Instead of shifting through dozens of websites or going through the phonebook, KeoPost allows you to simply type in what you want and within 48 hours you get a list of businesses bidding to work for YOU. You are also empowered with our reputation system which gives you a quick overview of just how satisfied other users have been with using that business. In the old days if you needed to find a gardener you just called around until the price was acceptable - it’s time consuming and it doesn’t empower you to know just how good that gardener is. We believe price and reputation are equally important and so is your time. KeoPost is here to solve all three of these issues, you type in what you want and 48 hours later you get a list of people and how much they will do the job for. With the reputation score (a measure of how much other users liked the work they did) you can make an informed decision and start getting help at the click of a button. Best of all, KeoPost is free for both businesses and consumers. 

For businesses, KeoPost is about tapping into a whole new market of customers. You control your pricing for individual jobs and the people looking for help can accept it or not. Best part is, you can bid on every project in the area in no time at all! Whether you have a large business and want to generate some new clients or whether you are just a regular person who happens to be good at a skill, KeoPost is here to help you connect with people looking for help so you can make money. 

We are committed to making your life easier, to help you make money off what you are good at - and to help you save money and find better help.